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Family relaxation at Bīriņi Castle (4 pers.+1)

A small family walk with children in the park along the big swing, along the bell-filled Oak of Love, along the stable, where not only horses but also rabbits live, as well as in the Water Tower, which can be walked up to the top. Then a joint dinner in the Castle premises, a tour of the castle and staying overnight in the castle in the family room will be a nice experience of being together in a historical environment.
Offer include:
*Accommodation in a family room on the 3rd floor of the castle. You have to climb high, but it pays off because of the interesting rounded windows and the beautiful views through them. Such windows are available in every largest room of the family room, while in the small room the windows are small, raised and through them you can see mainly the roof of the Castle. The room has a separate shower and toilet, hairdryer, TV, Wi-Fi. The largest room has one double bed, while the small one has twin beds. 
* Climbing up the Great Tower of the Castle building and viewing the park and the stork's nest from above
* Walk along Mežaparks trails.
* Visit to the Castle Water Tower and Stable.
* Dinner worth € 65
Total: 173 € (without breakfast 133 €) (+1 person + 43 €)

Offer available until the end of June 2020.

► Horseback riding with a pony / 2 children, small circle around the park

► Riding in a horse carriage within Bīriņi Castle park / 30 minutes

► Geo catching game for a family / rules and map of the game

► Panorama view form castle`s tower / entrance fee in castle`s tower and roof terrace

► Accommodation in Bīriņi Castle / 1 night for 2 adults and 2 children, including breakfast


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