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Hiking: Amata Trail + Restaurant in Nature

Hike along Amata River, where you'll see fabulous cliffs and hidden caves. The magnificent shores of Amata open up unforgettable views hidden in the forest trail.

We will start our hike at Zvartes Rock Information Center, go to "Veclauču Bridge" and then back, take a look at rocks such as the "Vizbulīšu rocks", the "Hawks" rocks and others. On the way back you can also climb the mighty "Zvārtes Rock".

In the menu:
* Vegetable cream soup with optional additives - hard cheese crumbs, pumpkin seeds, bacon crisps, sprouts, toasted bread
* Homemade bread with butter
* Mozzarella cheese stuffed with tomato - mozzarella and herbs (vegetarian) or
* Grilled pork fillet in bacon crust with vegetable sauce and horseradish sauce
* Mascarpone cheesecake with strawberry sauce
* Warm apple juice drink with ginger, honey and cinnamon
* Winter cocoa with cream foam
Participation fee: 35 Eur from adult, 15 Eur for children, free for children up to 3 years.
Hiking length: 6km
Duration: 3h + picnic.
Apply now! 
Note: offer available if at least 10 pers. apply.

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