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Guided Hiking "Beaver dynasty on the shores of Strīķupe"

Get to know the beaver, see his place as you walk through the Gauja National Park ravine and forests with a guide, listen to the beaver's life, find out why beavers are hunted, eat them and find out if the beaver is our friend?
Guided Hiking "Beaver dynasty on the shores of Strīķupe"
22nd February, Saturday
Take a hike through the woods, with the most vibrant mosses, steep hillsides and down to the unexciting Strikupe with rocky shores and a whole beaver dynasty.
Meeting at the parking lot near "Kalējala",11am.
- Hike through a mossy, spruce forest path,
- Visiting the ancient sacrifice stone and stories about the Strikupe area,
- A spring water;
- Sandstone outcrops (cliffs) on the shores of Strīķupe,
- Visiting the Beaver dynasty: caves, feeding grounds and dam,
- Meet the hunter Eddie Beaver;
- Tea, bread and beaver talk.
Gide Sigita Klētniece: “Have you seen one of nature's wonders happen? See you on a special hike to see the beaver-made world in the gorgeous Strikupe river. We hope the weather is right and we can see the cave master, if not, I promise to show you the infrastructure created by the beavers!”
APPLY: write to info@entergauja.com, indicate the number of participants and contact phone number.
Participation fee: 10 EUR, children - 5 EUR
Hiking length: 5 km, 3 hours, closure around 3:00 pm
Managers: Gide Sigita Klētniece and nature expert Janis Bušs.
The event is suitable for everyone, but the terrain on the banks of the river is steep and unstable, perhaps slippery. Children under 10 years of age are advised to have hiking experience. Participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adults.
Hurry up, limited members!

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