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Café "Milly"

Mossy stone boulders and old oaks surround the charming haven that is café "Milly", where you can savour the peace and quiet of nature while sipping a velvety fruit wine!

Café "Milly" is located in a historical place — one of the ancient buildings of Krimulda Manor. The manor is surrounded by winding nature trails, which are witnesses of ancient legends.

To explore the history of the ancient manor, you can go on a walk together with the manor lady, who will tell you interesting stories about the history and economic activity of the manor. You can also visit the manor’s winery. There you will hear fascinating stories about the manor from the vintner Jānis.

At the end of your walk you can return to café "Milly" to taste the full-bodied fruit, berry or flower wines brewed at the manor’s winery, or choose a healthy herbal tea.

While enjoying the delicious drinks in the manor, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful wall paintings depicting extraordinary fairy tale characters. If you choose to rest on the comfortable summer terrace, you can enjoy the view to the noble Krimulda Manor.



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