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Cecīļu Nature Trail

Cecīļi Nature Trail is a walking route for tourists, where you can get to know Amata County nature objects along the banks of Kumada and Dančupīte Rivers.

Cecīļi Nature Trail starts at Ieriķi, Amata County, 1 km from the cafe and Cecīļi Nature Trail Tourist Information Point, at the house “Lejas Cecīļi”. The visitors have the chance to enjoy the nature untouched by the human – Dančupīte River Canyon, Dančupīte Cave, a miniature waterfall, the impressive Cecīļi Rock from the right bank of Kumada River, Cecīļi Pine, which is one of Latvia’s secular trees, as well as other objects. The trail is marked.

At the beginning of the trail there is an animal feeder, where you can see forest animals from a quite closely. We suggest bringing a small treat that you can leave in the feeder. If there are no animals around, it is possible to look at animal traces and guess which animal they belong to.

There is a legend that the devil with two witches lived in Cecīļi Rock Caves. Every midnight they danced in front of the rock. The people annoyed the devil, so he wanted to fill up the Kumada River. He took the sand and brought it to the river. Suddenly a rooster began to sing. The devil got scared and ran to the cave. The sand was scattered at the “Velna kambaris” (“Devil’s Chamber”) rock and formed a hillock. The devil has not been seen since then.

Cecīļi Nature Trail starts at Ieriķi, Amata County, 1 km from the Cecīļi Nature Trail Tourist Information Point. The trail includes various routes and four rivers.

The total length of the trail is 12 km. The time spent on the trail can be 5 hours, give or take.

The trail is available at all seasons.


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