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Hotel "Sigulda"

Hotel in a beautiful, historical stone building in the very heart of Sigulda with service culture rich in traditions!

Hotel "Sigulda" offers convenient accommodation in the very heart of the city after your wondrous adventures at the Sigulda attractions shrouded in legends and myths. The hotel has an interesting architectonic solution — one part of it is housed in a 19th century stone building while the other is located in its modern extension.

Duke Kropotkins, the first owner of the building, highly valued the cityscape of Sigulda and the charm of its historical sites, and promoted tourism in the city. His first guests were aristocrats from Saint Petersburg. The hotel has been welcoming vacationers for more than 125 years.

The building’s ancient stone walls have witnessed some truly luxurious events which have shaped the hotel’s atmosphere that invites you to relax in the building itself and the bathhouse complex, as well as enjoy walks in the hotel park and meals at its restaurant.

The meals and professional service of Sigulda Hotel Restaurant will be like a celebration after a beautiful day. The restaurant’s menu is predominantly European, and the dishes are always freshly prepared from high quality ingredients.

In the summertime you can enjoy your meal on the outdoor terrace with a view to the beautiful park landscapes.

Hotel "Sigulda" leisure complex includes sauna, steambath, and swimming pool with a massage system. Plunge yourself in refreshing water or relax in a steambath after your adventure-filled day in Sigulda!

A morning swim in the swimming pool will give you the necessary boost of energy for new adventures in a city that never fails to surprise with its untouched nature, cultural sites, and a variety of outdoor activities!



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