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Draw energy from water at SPA Hotel Ezeri located in Sigulda, on the shores of a picturesque lake!

Ancient stories claim that lakes used to float in the air. Perhaps that is why they reflect the sky so beautifully. Perhaps that is why the water can inspire both the body and the spirit, giving them such sense of lightness that makes us think of flying!

The picturesque lake in the embrace of the forest is a true pearl in the vicinity of SPA Hotel "EZERI". You can enjoy water not only at the hotel and its spa complex but also on invigorating walks. The Love Trail that winds through the beautiful hotel garden will awaken incredible sensations.

The blooming flowers grow in beautiful patterns, the birds sing their hearts out, and various types of fish roam the waters of the pond. There is life and water everywhere you look!

The hotel rooms also exude the presence of nature — they have been named after medicinal herbs and flowers. Pictures on the walls depict sunny dandelions, resplendent lilacs, lovely liverworts and other plants in full bloom which harmonically blend in the modern hotel interior and tie in with the magnificent surroundings.

SPA Hotel "Ezeri" offers a special country bathhouse ritual where you can enjoy the euphoria and lightness of the authentic energy of nature!

A light beating with boughs, a refreshing dip in water, and a cup of aromatic herbal tea will make for a truly blissful experience.

Of course, you can also seek comfort and refreshment from the modern water procedures at the spa complex that embody the unique energy of water.

The natural and harmonious environment will let you discover the wondrous world of water which will invigorate and inspire you!



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