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City of Priekuļi

Priekuļi municipality offers walks along inspiring nature trails and parks, visiting ancient and legendary sandstone outcrops.

Priekuļi municipality is located in the centre of the scenic Vidzeme Region, on the left bank of river Gauja. River Gauja and its tributaries have shaped a diverse landscape of the municipality – there are many outcrops, caves, springs, and large boulders.

The nature in Priekuļi and its surroundings invites studying the wild trails. The curvy trails reveal old oaks, landscapes of thick forests and blooming meadows, various cliffs and rocks, several ponds and the rapids of river Gauja with its sandy banks.

Hiking/ Walking trails and parks

In the centre of Priekuļi municipality, the town Priekuļi, invites visiting the green Priekuļi' Saules Park, to hike along the health trail and see the unique Sun Clock. It is the largest analemmatic sundial in Latvia. The hand of the sundial is the viewer himself, and his shadows point in the direction of the respective hour.

While heading from Priekuļi direction Veselava, one can take some time off and hike along the Brīvnieku trail, which is known for more than 25 wood-carved owls and Latvian traditional signs. In the vicinity of the trail there are more than 10 scenic ponds, which are enclosed by smaller forests and larger meadows.

Nature sightseeing objects

Ērgļu Cliffs are among the most beautiful cliff outcrops in Latvia. These are long sandstone cliffs, at the feet of which there is a white sand beach. The energetic surrounding landscapes can be seen from the viewing platforms established above the cliffs.

Liepas' Lielā Ellīte is the only preserved formation of natural sandstone in Latvia, which is characteristic of specific projections, depressions, and arches. Since long ago the cave of Lielā Ellīte and its spring are a significant holy place, and a recognized sightseeing object.

Not far from Priekuļi there is the curvy river Vaive, which is the left tributary of river Rauna. On the banks of the river there are many ravines and sandstone outcrops.

Historic places

Heading towards Veselava, one should visit the old Veselava manor. Here you can learn the history of the old Family Kampenhausen, see the splendid manor premises and the exquisite heating system of the manor, where the many smokestacks from the heating systems are merged in only three chimneys.

After the excursion around the manor you can walk along the manor park. There are old trees, thick bushes, and views of the energizing-green nature, which are seen while stepping down on the wooden ladder into the primeval valley of river Raunis.

The manor hosts various arts and culture events – classical music concerts, medieval dances, singing, and exhibitions. Dressed up in festive garments, the visitors enjoy the ancient atmosphere of the manor, arts, entertainment, nice meals and beverages.

In the library of Veselava manor, where the Priekuļi Tourism Information Point is located, one can get useful information about sightseeing in Priekuļi, Cēsis, and vicinity.


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