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Conference hall in hotel "Kārļamuiža"

The seminar hall is located in the 18th century stone and brick building of hotel "Kārļamuiža", which is decorated with wavy grape vines and surrounded by a large apple orchard.

Away from daily rush, city hustle and usual routine – peace and fresh air of Kārļamuiža Manorpromotes creative atmosphere and joy of work.

The surrounding territory of the hotel "Kārļamuiža" is spacious – there are places to go for a walk, practise Nordic walking or ride a bike. Nearby the hotel you will find the landscape park of Kārļamuiža Manor and Amata nature trail.

After the business events, you can relax in the sauna and stay overnight in one of the cozy rooms of the hotel "Kārļamuiža".

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