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Conference halls in Bīriņi Castle

Bīriņi Castle offers a building with a splendid facade, majestic stairs, snow-white windows and luxurious rooms, where you can arrange both business events and celebration.

To organize seminars, conferences and other business events, Bīriņi Castle offers four halls. The Green hall, Coffee hall and Salon hall are available for rental as one set.

The Green room with a balcony has high an beautiful ceilings and wonderful chandeliers. The Coffee hall is smaller. It has cozy atmosphere and offers views of the lake. The hall boasts of the original paint and has an old piano and big castle stove. The Salon hall is the smallest hall and is suitable for work in groups.

It is possible to rent an additional restaurant hall separatelly, where you can organize small seminars, training event or work in groups.

After the business event, Bīriņi Castle offers great recreation. You will have an opportunity to enjoy sauna or a fabulous tour of picturesque surroundings, riding horse carts (in winter – riding a sleigh), as well as go on a boat trip or bike ride.

Walking and in the castle park will offer an opportunity to enjoy unhurried rhythm of life that was typical for old residents of the manor house.

In Bīriņi Castle, delicious meals will be prepared by skillful cooks of the restaurant. You can order both coffee breaks and meals during the seminar or conference, as well as a festive table to rest after the business event.

Guests of the event will be able to sleep in one of the sophisticated rooms of the castle or in the cozy House of Gardener.

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