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Enter Conferences

Conference halls in resort hotel "Līgatne"
In resort hotel "Līgatne", you can rent a conference hall, view the secret Soviet bunker, enjoy SPA treatments, massage and outdoor recreational activities in environment surrounded by nature.
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Conference halls in Krimulda Manor
Conference halls in the majestic classicism-style Krimulda Manor.
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Conference halls in recreation centre "Reiņa trase"
Organization of business events in recreation centre "Reiņa trase" can be combined with skiing in winter or golfing in summer.
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Conference halls in Ungurmuiža
Three interconnected halls, which are ideal for holding seminars and other business events, are situated in the oldest wooden residential building in Latvia – Ungurmuiža Manor.
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Conference halls in hotel "Wolmar"
The hotel "Wolmar", which is located in the centre of Valmiera and is decorated with street views of the city, offers two conference halls for rent.
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Conference hall in hotel "Kārļamuiža"
The seminar hall is located in the 18th century stone and brick building of hotel "Kārļamuiža", which is decorated with wavy grape vines and surrounded by a large apple orchard.
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Conference rooms in Mālpils Manor
Mālpils Manor provides the opportunity to rent luxurious halls for organization of business events.
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Conference rooms in "Valmiermuižas alus" brewery
Seminar participants will be greeted by the welcoming family of "Valmiermuižas alus" brewery, comfortably furnished rooms and a variety of recreational facilities at the end of the day.
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Conference rooms in Dikļu castle
Dikli castle offers one of the largest opportunities of conference rooms rental in Vidzeme – five halls of different sizes for business and festive events.
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Conference Hall in Hotel "Santa"
When organizing business events in hotel "Santa" surrounded by beautiful nature, you can enjoy the peace outside of the city, which will contribute to work productivity.
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