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Conference rooms in Mālpils Manor

Mālpils Manor provides the opportunity to rent luxurious halls for organization of business events.

Mālpils Manor offers a great opportunity to combine work with a pleasant adventure. Environment of a small town and fresh air will create a positive atmosphere and enhance work productivity. Aristocratic ambience is created by wooden floors, antique furniture, fine fabrics, works of art and historic interior items.

Halls of Mālpils Manor

Broad and diverse luxurious halls of the manor are designed for conferences and events.

The large Star hall can host events for up to 120 persons. The floor of the large and snall halls are decorates with starlight parquet; the Biedermeier-style furniture places in the rooms also is original. Expressive wall paintings of the halls are decorated with golden frames.

Special element of the Panel hall are restored historic oak ceiling panels. In the hall you can see paintings of the family of artists Skulmes. The spacious summer terrace of the hall offers views of the front garden of the manor.

The fireplace hall boasts of its refined Empire style furniture, luxurious curtains, objects of art and paintings. In one of the corners of the halls there is a renovated white-tile fireplace.

The Hunters hall has moose and deer horns on the walls, as well as a bearskin. Furniture, candlesticks and vases are brought from France and Italy.

The bright hall of the library has antique book shelves where you can see a rich collection of books. It will be interesting to see authentic drawings of architect V. Bockslaff of the manor placed near the walls.

Meals for conference or seminar participants will be served in the restaurant hall of Mālpils Manor. It is notable for its bare arches, tiled stoves and works of art on the walls. The restaurant's terrace offers views of the fabulous manor park, fountain and pond.

Orangery, which resembles a castle park in warm summer day, is meant for coffee breaks during seminars and conferences. In its turn, the Cigar hall, where you can see a collection of antique kerosene lamps, offers the opportunity go out on the Winter terrace.

Recreation in Mālpils Manor

After the seminar or conference, you can enjoy a unique recreation in the ornate surroundings of Mālpils Manor.

In favorable weather conditions, you can travel by air balloon together with colleagues or business partners. For bicycle ride you can choose Electra city bikes.

Mālpils Manor offers peaceful walks along the Mālpils walking trails or boat ride on the manor's pond.

For full comfort, Mālpils Manor offers an overnight stay in one of the  refined rooms, as well as a relaxing massage.

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