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Conference halls in resort hotel "Līgatne"

In resort hotel "Līgatne", you can rent a conference hall, view the secret Soviet bunker, enjoy SPA treatments, massage and outdoor recreational activities in environment surrounded by nature.

Resort hotel "Līgatne" offers five halls that are ideal for holding conferences and seminars, as well as other business events.

Organizing business events in the resort hotel "Līgatne", you will be able to hide from the city hustle, get rid of stress and get inspired by the surrounding nature.

After the business event you can go on a tour of the secret Soviet bunker in Līgatne or enjoy the reality game "Object X".

Participants of the seminar, conference or any other event will have a chance to enjoy a wide range of SPA treatments, massage and authentic sauna ritual under the guidance of a sauna hostess.

The environment surrounded by the beautiful bushy forests is a great place for organizing a variety of activities – the Nordic walking, cycling, strolling or plaing basketball, volleyball, football and badminton.


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