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Conference rooms in Dikļu castle

Dikli castle offers one of the largest opportunities of conference rooms rental in Vidzeme – five halls of different sizes for business and festive events.

Luxurious halls of Dikļi castle are decorated with antique furniture, beautiful fireplaces and stoves, majestic chandeliers and wooden floors.

Dikli castle has silence and peace, historical interior and outstanding works of art, where you can do more than droning urban environment. Dikļi castle's professional staff will take care of the necessary technical equipment, delicious meals, excellent service and creative support for your event.

Conference rooms in Dikļi castle

The large hall's walls and ceilings are decorated in light shades. The walls are decorated with exquisitely painted ceramic belt. The ceilings of the hall are adorned with antiques, chandeliers circuit equipment. Eclectic fireplace preserved in the original part of the crown, but the other parts are restored in accordance with historical photographs.

The Northern hall is full of wooden finish. The hall is decorated with moss green tiled stove and fireplace of light brown tones. It is designed in accordance with the legendary company Zelma & Boehm 1906 catalog mode.

The Cigar Hall preserved the original wooden wall panels, ceiling decoration, as well as parquet. Restoration time here placed in a beautiful tiled stove, which can be found in the prototype of Zelma & Boehm 1906 catalog.

In the Barn hall you can see partly uncovered old walls. The hall is decorated with stylized chandelier. Precious wood floor creates a cozy atmosphere.

Glassed porch is lighter and sunnier room of the castle. It reigns a charming atmosphere. On the veranda overlooking the park, Barona and mill ponds.

Recreation in Dikļu castle

Relaxing after business event, you can leisurely enjoy nature of Dikļi castle and pamper the body and soul with SPA. The procedures implies local herbs, aromatic fruit and other natural bounty collected at meadows. Indulge in comfort!

Together with colleagues or partners you can go a peaceful stroll along the ancient castle of the park trails, ride on a horse-drawn carriage or a trip on the wheel Dikļi surroundings. Baron's castle pond can indulge in the joy of fishing or take a ride on the boat through the mill pond.

For a creative adventure you can take part in a master class together with Dikli castle's chef Jānis Siliņš and master some special cooking recipe.

Dikļi castle offers an opportunity to see Latvian Awakening artists' paintings and ornate fireplace and stove collection.

Staying at the hotel, you can choose from the castle elegant rooms decorated with gorgeous, restored furniture of the late 19th century and early 20th century.

The company's business partners, customers and employees can buy Dikļi castle's gift cards.



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