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Enter Gamta

Gutman's Cave
Gutman's Cave is the largest cave in the Baltics is shrouded in legends and permeated with ancient energy.
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Steep banks of Gauja
Curve of River Gauja opposite of Jānis Daliņš' stadium, where in an 80 m long section on the right bank of the river sand outcrops up to 10 m high (result of the erosion due to the rapid) are seen.
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Cecīļu Nature Trail
Cecīļi Nature Trail is a walking route for tourists, where you can get to know Amata County nature objects along the banks of Kumada and Dančupīte Rivers.
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Sightseeing terrace by the river Gauja
The sightseeing terrace by the river Gauja in Valmiera is a place for organazing private and public events, a place for ideas, a place, where to meet and spend time together.
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Hiking trail trough Straupe village
The route is suitable for any traveller who wishes something more than just to see the most well known and popular tourist attractions in Straupe – Mazstraupe and Lielstraupe castles. The route is 3km long, all year round available and accessible with a pushchair.
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Blue hill (Zilaiskalns)
The legendary mound ZIlaiskalns, which is overgrown with trees and which is covered blue and white anemones in spring, was a significant holy place for the ancient Latgalians.
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Karlamuiza's landscape park trail
Karlamuiza's landscape park trail winds through an old park, which leads to one of the largest sandstone outcrops in Latvia – the Ainavu precipice.
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Sietiņiezis Rock
Sietiņiezis Rock reveals sandstone formations and ornaments, which have formed over millions of years of natural processes!
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Ērgļu Cliffs
Ērgļu (Eagle) Cliffs embody the freedom and thrill of an eagle’s flight, when feelings are as powerful as organ music!
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