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Zvārtes Rock and its vicinity

The mystical Zvārtes rock and its beautiful surroundings will reveal ancient stories and the secrets of the plant kingdom!

Zvārtes Rock is one of the most picturesque sandstone cliffs on the banks of the Amata River and within the entire Gauja National Park. It lies snugly among forests and meadows. The rock and its vicinity is a truly magnificent place where you can draw inspiration from the magical, primeval and mysterious power of nature.

Zvārtes Rock is famous for the many mythical stories associated with it. Long time ago it was a gathering place for witches who would dance and rejoice around it until the crack of dawn.

The word has it that the ancient people were able to predict the witch gatherings — they dashed here on their brooms when the winds were high.

Actually, witches were rather clever with herbs and knew the right one for each ailment. Lovage, northern bedstraw, clustered bellflower, mugwort, honey clover, juniper and many other plants found in the unkempt Raganu (Witch) Meadow, which is positively crawling with life, make for a truly aromatic and diverse bouquet. The information stands will introduce you to the powerful properties of each of the plants.

After your visit to Zvārtes Rock and its territory you will surely return home filled with a little bit of magic, new knowledge and unique emotions awakened by the nature!

The exciting Amata Geological Trail winds right along the territory of Zvārtes Rock. You can combine your visit to Zvārtes Rock with a lovely walk on a trail through the untouched nature which offers an entire gallery of rocks!



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