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Amata Geological Trail

The Amata Geological Trail will take you on an adventure where you will be charmed by the untouched nature.

Experience the primeval nature on an untouched nature trail. The Amata Geological Trail will be an adventure in a truly authentic environment. The trail winds through the exciting and ancient Amata River valley. The trail is marked, but most of it is not maintained and may present obstacles in the form of fallen trees and small tributaries of the river.

See sandstone and dolomite outcrops, which will take you 350–400 million years back in the history of the Earth, when the sand grains carried by the rivers flowing southward deposited in the sea, compacting and cementing together. Learn and see nearly all of trees and bushes found in Latvia, the diverse vegetation, animal tracks, beaver dams and anthills, and listen to the symphony performed by a variety of birds.

The trail has something unique to offer each season. Sandstone outcrops can be best seen in late autumn, winter and early spring, when they are not hidden by the green foliage of trees.

In winter, you can use the unique opportunity to see the beautiful icefalls, which form in places where little springs come up from the ground. You can also inspect animal tracks in the snow, which will inform you which way their owner has went. 

In early spring, you will see boaters chasing extreme sensations on the rapid waters of the Amata River. Spring is also a great time for watching the fascinating bird life. Whereas in summer, the wonderfully bright green scenery offers a large diversity of plants to examine and admire!

In autumn, the trail is exceptionally picturesque, clad in shades of bright red and gold. It is also the time for watching the captivating spawning of fish.

The Amata Geological Trail is full of life throughout the year and takes you on an unforgettable journey through the mysterious world of nature with surprises awakening new sensations each step of the way!

The trail consists of three stages of various difficulty and scenery. The trail will introduce you to a lot of rocks that differ from one another by the patterns of sand, legends associated with them, and their surroundings.

The easiest stage is from Veclauči bridge to Zvārtes Rock (3 km). Here you will see fiery red Devonian period sandstone outcrops and a plethora of rocks: the primeval Vanagu Rock, the fascinating Lustūzis, the picturesque Miglas Rock and many more. This stage ends in a meadow with a well-maintained leisure place and the unique Zvārtes Rock nearby.

The longest stage with three steep ascents is from Kārļu bridge to Zvārtes Rock (12 km). The route begins by the marvellous Ainavu Cliff at the height of more than 40 meters. On this route you will see several rocks: Ķaubju, Stūķu and Dzilnas Rock, and at the very end of the trail — the mysterious Zvārtes Rock.

The most difficult stage is from Melturi to Kārļu Fish Farm (3 km), which is fit for experienced hikers. On this route you will also see several rocks: Melturu, Īļaku and Vizuļu Rock, Dolomītu Cliff, Dambja Rock, Staburags, and the rock with the beautiful name Varavīksnes (Rainbow) Rock.

If you like geocaching, there are plenty of treasures along the trail waiting to be found (find out more on Geocaching website)! 

The unique experiences on this untouched nature trail will turn into treasured and authentic feelings, knowledge and memories.

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