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Sietiņiezis Rock

Sietiņiezis Rock reveals sandstone formations and ornaments, which have formed over millions of years of natural processes!

The rock is like a luxurious, beautiful and bright sandstone castle designed by nature itself. It has formed over millions of years of natural processes, which are still at work today, shaping the face of Sietiņiezis (Strainer) Rock.

Sietiņiezis Rock is very diverse — it has an arch in the making, a huge pillar, a cave with two exits, high cliffs and nooks.

Its sandstone surface is dotted with tiny holes that distinguish Sietiņiezis Rock from other rocks.

It is the similarity to a strainer that gave way to the rock’s name.

As the rock preserves the heat of the sun, a species of wild ground bees have chosen it as their home. The little holes were created by these bees, which constantly buzz in an out of them!

According to a legend, the cave with two exits was home to Devil himself; therefore, it is called Velnala (Devil’s) Cave.The biggest sandstone protrusion is found in the southern part of Sietiņiezis Rock and is called the Devil's Heel, as this is where the Devil kicked off from to jump across the river. Other legends have it that the Devil was furious with the owner of Liepas Manor on the opposite side of the river and wanted to roll this protrusion in front of the manor door. However, that morning the rooster crowed early and the Devil could not carry out his plan.

On your walk on the trails and stairs, you will feel just like a prehistoric ruler, drawing inspiration and new ideas from this charming natural formation.

The highest point of Sietiņiezis Rock, the tower of this natural castle, offers a picturesque view to the beautiful blue ribbon below that is the river, adorned with bright green lace of tree branches.

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