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Bīriņu pils

The romantic surroundings of the Bīriņu castle is adorned with a number of parks, which impress with their magnificent landscapes, surrounded by recreational areas and legendary places.

Nature trails of the Bīriņu castle trails, which cover 50 hectares, will lead you through the varied landscapes - first from birch groves in the valley to the old spruce stand, then from the dark low-lime alley to the light-filled pine trees on a hill. The road continues, leading to hazel riprap as far as the large meadows with meadowsweet sea, intoxicating gryllotalpas' song and beaver dams on the river.

In the parks of the Bīriņu castle there are many ancient trees, colourful tree alleys and gazebos. Old linden branches hanging to the ground create a special atmosphere, as well as voluminous pine trees, whose bark resembles crocodile skin, and dendrological plantings.

Near the castle lake there is the Regular park, which leads to an elegant gazebo located on the shore of the Bīriņu lake. This is a popular marriage venue.

In Priežkalni park, which is one of the oldest parks in Bīriņi, you can see the manor tomb built on a mountain, meanwhile Mežaparks homes the romantic Love Island, Alberta ponds and Eņģeļkalns.

Lovers go for a walk to the famous oak, located in the Ainavu park, in order to hang love bells onto the branches. Many believe that this ritual gives couples a special blessing.


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