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Fish Spawn Trail

On the Fish Spawn Trail you will see the picturesque landscapes of Līgatne and get to know the mysteries of the underwater world!

The Fish Spawn Trail starts at Anfabrikas Cliff, which reaches towards the sky like a castle tower, and winds along the Līgatne River to Lustūža Cliff. Stairs at the mighty Lustūža Cliff will take you to observation decks that open out to the natural landscapes of Līgatne brimming with life.

The Fish Spawn Trail lets you experience one of the most intimate nature processes up close — the spawning of salmon and trout. Despite its rapid flow, the Līgatne River is perfectly suited for spawning due to the many springs and the clear and cool water.

The fish take their time and wait for the right moment. In October and November they travel to the spawning locations. From above you will be able to see the fish meandering in the water and carefully choosing the place for breeding.

The cold from the water, which seems to be icy, can be felt even on the trail!

But that is exactly how it is supposed to be. It may seem incredible but fish can feel and find the right temperature for spawning that is 2–6°C.

When the spawn is over, the fish quickly leave the rapid stream, which is now full of life, only to come back again the next year. When they return, the river will once again be the witness of the miraculous creation of life!

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