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Ruins of Valmiera Livonian Order Castle

The ruins store the memory of the ancient centre of the town of Valmiera and decorate the beautiful surrounding nature.

The Livonian Order castle with fortified forepart, mighty defensive walls, ramparts and ditches was the first Livonian Order fortification on the right bank of the Gauja river. The castle was built in the 13th century, probably on the site of an ancient Latgalian castle. The Order selected a strategically suitable location in order to be sure that the castle was protected from invaders from the Gaujas steep bank and the deep ravine of the Rātsupīte river.

It is interesting to imagine how this harmonious place where the beautiful natural landscapes are decorated with the Livonian Order castle ruins, walls, cellars and ramparts, gathered together many influential men of that time.

It is the place where some domestic and foreign politics and important decisions were adopted, since the castle hosted Landtags – meetings of representative of the Livonian Order states.

During the Northern War in 1702, the city was invaded by the troops of Tsar Peter I, who set fire to the city and destroyed the castle. City residents were allowed to use the the masonry stones as building materials for construction of their buildings, so even today houses at Rīgas Street contain the old boulders of the Livonian Order Castle.

Today in the territory of the ruins you can visit Valmiera Museum and its exhibition hall, as well as Beverīna craft shop, where you can buy some skilled craftsmen's products as souvenirs from the trip.

In summer, the open-air stage hosts different concerts, performances, celebration events of the museum anniversary and old Latvian festival.

Free admission

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