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Fair "Gardu muti" Valmiermuižā

Fairs in Valmiermuiža are fascinating anniversary festivities that take place four times a year and give an opportunity to visit a market offering a wide variety of rural goodies and see different performances rich in tradition.

Valmiermuiža's fairs revive forgotten Latvian anniversary festivities and traditions.

Visitors of the fair "Gardu muti" Valmiermuižā can meet craftsmen demonstrating various craft skills and learn the secrets of the ancients on how to grow fruitful harvest and ensure welfare at home. Smaller visitors of the fair gather in workshops, where they make hand-made toys and adornments.

The fair situated near to the brewery "Valmiermuižas alus" brings together Latvian handicraftsmen and artisans who offer visitors to taste and buy their products. At the fair, you can purchase various smoked meat products, game meat, fresh cheeses, fish, vegetables and other bounties of the Latvian nature.

Sweets lovers will appreciate the wide selection of honey, healthy home-made jams, compotes, seed snacks, as well as vitamin-rich candied peels and fruits. You can also buy natural juices and aromatic home-made wines.

Free admission


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