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Līgatne Ferry

Līgatne ferry is the only ferry in the Baltics driven by the strength of the river currents, allowing to experience a pristine sensation during leisurely trip to the opposite bank of the Gauja river.

Līgatne ferry will take you across the Gauja River by means of a platform of unusual design, which consists of two parallel steel boats and a board connecting them.

The spacious platform moves by the force of the stream of this picturesque river.

Before construction of the ferry, there were three bridges in Līgatne that were used to go across the river. During the World War II all the bridges were destroyed, so later it was decided to establish a ferry in order to make crossing the river possible again for local residents.

Going across the Gauja river by Līgatne ferry is a unique experience because this is the only ferry of such kind in the Baltic States. Stepping on a ferry deck, you will feel that the ferryman directs it to the stream, allowing it to move smoothly along the river stream.


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