Vienkoču Park

This park full of unique miniature manor houses and captivating wooden sculptures is living evidence of the famed skills of the manor house’s carpenters. In the woodwork museum’s ancient workshop, you can inspect the instruments and work tables that craftsmen of old used to create ornate furniture, painting frames and fine decors. Continuing your excursion among the leafy shadows of Vienkoči Park, you will be charmed by the wooden sculptures around you and miniature copies of several manor houses no longer in existence, but recreated here right down to the tiniest detail. A quiet, educational adventure to be memorably combined with a relaxing family picnic and the unhurried enjoyment of nature.

Sounds from the ancient craftsmen’s workshop will introduce you to the banging of a handmade hammer and a plane handled by a true master. Meanwhile, in the shadows of the forest, masterfully handcrafted sculptures will whisper long forgotten legends to one another of the wonders wrought by past lords of the manor.



Wooden Crafts Museum and Dishware Workshop

In this unique museum, you will sense the atmosphere of this medieval workshop, in which it is evident that expert craftsmen created fine products from wood, giving each item they made its own special inimitable character.

Miniature Copies of Historic Manors

As you make your way along the paths in the park, you will find yourself peering down at historical manor houses from above – finely made model buildings, which have been created to scale, and will leave feeling like a giant walking about in the land of the Lilliputians.

Wooden Sculpture Park

Embarking on this walk, you will enjoy the abundance of nature, gaze upon works of the art of woodcarving – animals, storybook heroes and historical manor houses, which conjure up your imagination and allow you to espy the magic of art carved from natural wood.

Handicrafts Masterclasses

In nature’s jewellery workshop, everyone can become a craftsman, creating beautiful ornaments made from natural materials under the tutelage of the craftsmen of Vienkoči, thus taking part of this creative atmosphere with you.


Other Services

Deicdous tableware | Guide services | Children’s playground | Picnic and campfire places | Special programme for newlyweds | Torch-lit walks during hours of darkness | Local souvenirs

Visitation price for adults: from EUR 4.00

Annual events

The first Saturday of October: event of feelings and light "Fire night"


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