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Fisher Cross Country Ski Centre

1.25 km long and illuminated cross-country ski track in Sigulda is the only of a kind ski track in Eastern Europe.
 In natural snow conditions there are several tracks of
different lengths up to 9 km. Refrigerating system, which is built under the surface of
the track, allows to maintain snow cover and keeps it non-stop working in changing
weather conditions. Three cross country ski tracks has received International Ski
Federation (FIS) certificate, which allows to organize international cross-country
skiing competitions. Its characterstic is natural relief with slope up to 18%, biggest
vertical slope is 11 m. Fischer cross-country ski centre offers equipment rental, ski
and instructor’s services, equipment maintenance, tube sliding, laser biathlon and
teritory rental for various competitions and events throughout the year.
Other possibilities: locker rooms, showers, WC, sauna, coffee and sweet wending
machine are available for skiers’ convenience and comfort.

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