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Enter Žiema

Feel like a member of a bobsleigh team in the Olympics. You have an amazing chance to reach a speed of more than 100 km/h.
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Ski resort "Ozolkalns"
A great place to enjoy the longest slopes in Latvia in a picturesque environment surrounded by primeval natural.
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Winter Recreation Centre "Žagarkalns"
“Žagarkalns” is distinguished by its number of slopes and being the only resort in Latvia preserving the certain amount of snow through the summer to be able to start the new skiing season very early.
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Ski Centre and Bistro "Rāmkalni"
Unforgettable winter memories on the leisure park "Rāmkalni" snowy skiing trail!
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Valmiermuiza Craft Brewery and Stables
Since old times Valmiermuiža has been well known for its hospitality. Nowadays in the truly hospitable manner of the old Valmiermuiža, owners of the brewery invite everyone to explore the manor surroundings and visit the brewery "Valmiermuižas alus".
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Valmiera swimming pool
Visitors at the Valmiera Swimming Pool can relax in pools of various sizes, as well as relax in the water recreation area and saunas.
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Ski and Biathlon Centre "Cēsis"
The centre offers artificial and natural snow-covered trails both for skiing lovers of all ages and profesional athletes.
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AdventureRide winter nature tours
AdventureRide winter nature tours — skiing or hiking in snowshoes through the Gauja National Park accompanied by a guide.
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Fisher Cross Country Ski Centre
1.25 km long and illuminated cross-country ski track in Sigulda is the only of a kind ski track in Eastern Europe.
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Sigulda City Ski Track
Sigulda City Track is the largest and youngest mountain in Latvian, which gathers vigorous winter sports fans together.
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