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Ski resort "Ozolkalns"

A great place to enjoy the longest slopes in Latvia in a picturesque environment surrounded by primeval natural.

While going up by the ski lift and then enjoying an exciting descent down a slope, you can view bushy trees flashing by, the snowy hill and landscapes that will make you get authentic natural feelings.

In "Ozolkalns", you can enjoy the the longest slopes in Latvia, which stretch for half a kilometer. The ski hill is visited both by professional skiers and snowboarders and by beginners and children, since the ski resort has five trails of different complexity.

The relief of the trails tends to retain the natural terrain features so that visitors could fully capture all the gamut of feelings of adventure, which are inspired by& nbsp; snowy mountains and primeval nature.

After an exciting time spent in the winter air, you can settle in a cozy cafe to sip a warm drink and feast on delicious dishes. Is is a nice place to leisurely read a book or play some board games, as well as to recall the exciting impressions of the adventure experienced on the trails while enjoying a pleasant relaxation in the warm cafe.


The material was created within the Cluster Program project “Stage 2 of Gauja National Park Tourism Cluster Development” 

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