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"Reiņa Café"

Healthy and delicious meals at "Reiņa Café" will give you the necessary boost of energy for enjoying new adventures on the legendary trails of Sigulda!

Get the necessary boost of energy and regain your strength at "Reiņa Café" while travelling along the picturesque nature trails of Sigulda and exploring their ancient legends. The café serves traditional and modern dishes in a contemporary building, and, in summer, on its terrace, decorated with flowers and echoing in cheerful birdsongs. If you listen carefully, you will hear them whispering and sharing stories of what they have seen, intriguing you to explore the mysterious nature of Sigulda!

Follow the activity behind the glass wall overlooking the expressive Turaida hills and skiing trails of "Reiņa Trase" popular among visitors!

The menu consists of very healthy dishes. A wide selection of warm soups, savoury main courses and delicious desserts. Summer season’s speciality are dishes cooked over an open fire.

The café offers seasonal dishes made from nature’s gifts found in the local forests, for example, fragrant mushroom soup or mild chanterelle sauce.

The café's dishes are packed with the freshness and strength of the surrounding nature!

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