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Hotel "Santa"

Hotel for a romantic and relaxed leisure in the nature!

Hotel "Santa"is located in the midst of nature — bright green meadows that glisten with dew in mornings and evenings, trees that provide shelter to twittering birds, bright flowers blooming in full splendour, and a lake that reflects the surrounding beauty. Take your time to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the hotel and the beauty of nature around it.

The hotel’s interior is decorated with beautiful design elements — metal stairs and a fireplace created by an artist, wicker chairs and sofas, colourful throw pillows, and artwork from wood and pebbles which make for a natural, modern and romantic atmosphere. The interior of the sauna also features artistic details to ensure a truly aesthetic experience.

On sunny summer days you can enjoy your meals on the hotel restaurant’s terrace while taking pleasure in the picturesque landscapes around you and the white clouds in the sky above you.

Of course, you can also choose to dine in the lovely indoor restaurant atmosphere. Our chefs will prepare the most delicious European dishes, while the bar will offer a vast variety of drinks and wines.



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