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Bīriņu pils

Sleigh ride in the Bīriņu castle is a romantic adventure on white snowbank-lined trails – feel the spirit of antiquity, refreshing air and snowy gusts of wind!

The sleigh ride in the Bīriņu castle will lead you through the nature park of the Bīriņu castle.

The traditional sleigh is drawn by the Bīriņu castle stable's horse Safrāns, who knows the snowy zigzags of the park surroundings very well. Typical winter scenery with the pervading spirit of pristine nature, makes the trip fabulous and memorable.

The trip will take you to the Ainavu Park and the start of the old Mežaparka. The sleigh will glide along the old water mills and finally arrive to the Love Oak.

According to legends of the ancient times, this oak was a secret meeting place of the Bīriņu manor's lord's son and a maid. Even nowadays lovers keep coming to the oak in order to borrow the oak's strength and make their love stronger.


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