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AdventureRide nature tours with a tour guide

AdventureRide boat ride, walking and mountain biking nature tours with a tour guide offer holidays full of adventure and excitement in authentic environment.

AdventureRide boat ride, walking and mountain biking tours are a great way to enjoy a real adventure at the most beautiful pathways, rivers and cultural heritage sites of Gauja National Park.

Choose the way of getting around that suits your needs the best — canoes, boats, kayaks, walking, Nordic walking, mountain biking or horse riding. These will be some of the most exciting days you’ll spend in the woods, rivers and meadows of Gauja National Park. You will be surrounded by bird songs and you will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of forest animals. Maybe you will even see some of them!

The experienced AdventureRide team will help you plan the best route for you to enjoy to the fullest this place that has so many stories, legends and myths.

If you are looking for breath-taking adventure, choose the survival game with geocaching. A backpack filled with all the necessary items and a GPS device will be given to you. By following the "legends” you will discover various natural and historical objects. You will travel this route alone; however, assistance will be provided if needed.

The AdventureRide team will take care of delivering the necessary equipment to you and your friends from Riga to the starting point of the adventure. The hike will be adapted to the needs and age of participants.

For hiking along the river special neoprene shoes will be provided to ensure your feet stay warm and you can enjoy the beautiful nature, rock outcrops and the river scenery. The rivers of the National Park are perfectly suited for fish watching tours as well.

If you want to get your adrenaline going, are ready to take on extreme rapids and fear no cold, choose a boat ride along the river in spring or autumn. For those who enjoy calmer, warmer and more scenic boat rides we suggest trying a boat ride in summer.

Go on a plant or mushroom tour if you want to explore the natural variety of Gauja National Park. You will possibly have the chance to gather real herbal tea or dinner with your own hands. The AdventureRide tour guide will gladly tell you about the gathered plants and their characteristics.

You will discover places that are not included in the ordinary tourism brochures and that are unique in their primeval natural beauty and silence. You will have many stories to tell about the time spent in Gauja National Park.



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