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Ride with AdventureRide sled

Enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn sled along the snowy wilderness of Gauja National Park.

Together with your friends, relatives, colleagues, or business partners you will have the chance to enjoy an exciting ride in a horse-drawn sled in Gauja National Park. The snow will bustle and crackle under the sled, and you will experience amazing sensations in the unique pine woods, where trees covered in white create the most beautiful scenery.

The horse will be guided through the hilly pine woods by our experienced AdventureRide tour guide. Very often you can spot deer in these woods; you will have the chance to leave them a tasty treat (carrots) on the tree branches. Children will also enjoy feeding carrots to horses at the AdventureRide stable.

After about an hour or an hour and a half you will reach the traditional Latvian bathhouse. There the local bathhouse ritual masters will invite you to enjoy the local bathhouse ritual experience — the experience is one of a kind.

The horse drawn sled can hold up to two or three adults and two children or four to five children.  Larger group sled rides can be organised. Grownups can enjoy a horseback ride following after the sled through the snowy trails of these pine woods.


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