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Ainavu Cliff

Ainavu (Landscape) Cliff is a true natural wonder that amazes with its grandeur!

Half a kilometre long, the cliff has two sandstone outcrops that are constantly changing. The splendid view you saw today might be gone tomorrow!

Subject to the whims of nature, the cliff’s appearance changes with each passing year. The rocks slide and tumble down revealing new clear water springs. That’s a lot of changes for such a gigantic formation that seems indestructible yet is so fragile.

The massive Ainavu Cliff is streamlined with layers upon layers of colourful sandstone outcrops and surrounded by the nearby ravines. The colours of nature mingle and blend together, adorning the ancient cliff.

Ainavu Cliff can be seen in its full splendour in spring and autumn, when it is not hidden behind the foliage of trees. That is when you can see the beautiful plays between the shades of white, red, violet and grey of the sand colour palette. The cliff wasn’t the favourite walk destination of the nearby manor landlords for no reason.

Ainavu Cliff is located on the right bank of the Amata River. The Amata Geological Trail winds along the top of the cliff like a crown.

The Amata Geological Trail is an excellent hiking route with an observation place at the very top of the cliff that offers a great view to one of the most beautiful Latvian landscapes — the deep ancient Amata River valley in the midst of a forest!

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