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Miglas Rock

Miglas Rock brings figments of imagination to life!

The Miglas rock has awakened many figments of imagination in the minds of the local people. Perhaps it was once veiled in haze by the water evaporating in the cool evening air after a hot day, or the locals often saw it surrounded by greenery, or maybe it seemed to them like a snake winding through the forest. Therefore, in different times it has been known by different names — now it is Miglas (Mist) Rock, but previously it has been called both Pļavas (Meadow) Rock and Čūskas (Snake) Rock.

You can only wonder which one of its many faces you will encounter when visiting the Miglas rock!

Many centuries ago when the Amata River was carving its valley, it rounded a bend where the meadow now lies and flowed past Miglas Rock. The slope of Miglas Rock stretches deeper into the forest where Mazais miglas (Little Mist) Rock can be found.

The rock is one of the objects visible from the exciting , which reveals the rock’s southern side. The rock is best observed from Zvārtes meadow within the territory of Zvārtes Rock.

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