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Enter Action

Laser tag battles in Poligon
Laser tag is a military combat, which can be played by men, women and children.
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Minotaur - Labyrinth
Nowadays the theme of labyrinths has become especially popular. And as an entertainment we offer you the largest labyrinth in Latvia called “MINOTAUR – LABYRINTH”, which is located in Sigulda.
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Leisure park "Rāmkalni"
"Rāmkalni" is a leisure park, which offers energetic and exciting open - air activities!
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Rāmkalni boating routes
Choose the excellent Rāmkalni boating routes to enjoy the gentle river stream and the amazing natural sights!
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Bicycle rent Ziedlejas
Explore Gauja National park on a bike!
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Reality game "Object X"
Complete a secret mission in the secret Soviet bunker rich in history, which you will find at a depth of nine metres underground in Līgatne.
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Hiking with taste: Cēsis
We are most proud to offer our favorite route through Cesis. During the tour we will get acquainted with the mighty history of Cēsis, look at the considerable buildings and objects, and most importantly - we will visit entrepreneurs who are active and develop business in Cēsis.
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Amata river and restaurant in nature
Hike along the right bank of the Amata River, during which you will see fabulous cliffs and hidden caves.
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Sports and active recreation park "Forest"
Walking down Riga Street in Valmiera, a rather unusual picture appears before your eyes, as you suddenly find yourself at eye level with the treetops. Take a closer look and you’ll get a bird’s eye view on a beautiful forest containing an amazing new site for active recreation, open to everyone.
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Bobsleigh and Luge track Sigulda
The Bobsleigh and Luge Track Sigulda is one of 18 constructions of this type in the world
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