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Horseback riding in Valmiermuiža

Since old times Valmiermuiža has been well know of its hospitality. Nowadays in the truly hospitable manner of the old Valmiermuiža, owners of the brewery invite everyone to explore the manor surroundings and visit the Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery.

During your visit to Valmiermuiža, you can ride a horse or pony and see the picturesque surroundings full of ancient history.

Ancient Latvians honoured horses in a special way: horses gladdened them during leisurely rides and were irreplaceable helpers in heavy works at the manor.

Today, proudly riding on a horseback or enjoying a leisurely horse carriage ride, you can feel the peace and calm of Valmiermuiža and close your eyes and image historical scenes of bygone times.

Riding takes place in the park located next to Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery. You can also take a longer way and see Valmiermuiža's natural landscapes, ancient hunting park of the manor and the picturesque shores of the rapid Gauja River.

During a ride, the cabman will tell you interesting stories about rich history of Valmiermuiža and its surroundings and the most significant natural attractions.

Inquisitive guests can visit Valmiermuiža's stables and learn about the daily routine of training and taking care of horses, and afterwards make a small loop riding a horseback.


Admission fee

  • Tour to Valmiermuiža's stables – 3.00 EUR/pers., horseback riding after the tour – 2 EUR/1 loop. Total price of the tour for groups of up to 7 persons – 21.00 EUR
  • Horse riding (30 min.): 20.00 EUR
  • Horse riding (1 hour): 30.00 EUR
  • Carriage ride or sleigh riding – 60.00 EUR (1 h)  (by prior arrangement)
  • Carriage decoration for special occasions: 40.00 EUR
  • Carriage ride or sleigh riding for 7-15 persons: 5.00 EUR/10 min./1 person
  • Renting premises, picnic in stable territory: 30.00 EUR/hour (every next hour - 15.00 EUR)

Payment method

  • Cash



  • Horseback riding trips and horse carriage rides take place in all seasons (by prior arrangement)
  • Simultaneously, five people can go horseback riding, six people can take a carriage ride, and three people can take a sleigh ride
  • The tour to Valmiermuiža's stables lasts 1 – 1.5 h

Additional services

For your convenience

  • Free parking
  • WC


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