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Vanagu Rock

Vanagu Rock is a magnificent and steep sandstone cliff, which you can observe from the comfort of the warm moss on the opposite bank of the river.

To appreciate the charm of Vanagu (Hawk) Rock, walk along the left bank of the Amata River, downstream from the beautiful Lustūzis. From there you will see Vanagu Rock veiled in forest greenery.

Vanagu Rock has grown a thick forest around itself; therefore, the local people sometimes call it Egļu (Spruce) Cliff. Spruce seeds sown by wind have created a truly marvellous bright green scenery around the large rock. It is topped with a mighty pine, which sits on its sandy throne like a queen. The red sandstone cliffs are exposed only right above the surface of the Amata River and stretch along its bank.

There are several landslides on Vanagu Rock, which consists of two parts with a slightly slanting slope in between them. From afar it seems that the ravine has split Vanagu Rock right down the middle.

At nights, Vanagu Rocks is sleeping quietly. It wakes early in the morning in its full splendour as the sunrays play on the various shades of red.

Vanagu Rock can be seen while hiking on the Amata Geological Trail, which will introduce you to many beautiful rocks.

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