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Guest House SweetestHome

Between the beautiful cities of Latvia, Cēsis and Sigulda, in the picturesque part of Līgatne region, near Ieriķi – there is a place called Sweetesthome

The name itself says a lot!

Here we combine two things that everyone is looking for – love and home. Neither can be too much and both together are a formula for happiness for each and every one of us. This house gives people peace, rest and comfort.

SweetestHome is only 70km from Riga. Passing through Augšlīgatne, behind the third bus stop called "Indrāni" immediately to the right "Jaunleči".

The guest house is ideal for 2 people, but it is possible to stay for a maximum of 4 people (2 adults&children).

Sweetesthome is made :

  • to make you feel the charm of the country side while not being too far from the city

  • to let you leave your house, but still feel like home

  • to make you comfortably enjoy your weekends and holidays

  • for you to have a chance to renew the energy, find new ideas, desires and strength to be, do and create


Once the Piglet asked Winnie the Pooh – "How do you spell love?" Pooh responded – "You don’t spell it, you feel it."

A similar description could be given to Sweetesthome.lv – you will ask – "How can love be given by a house?"

Answer – "Come here – you will feel it and find the answer within yourselves."

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