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Restaurant "Gadalaiki"

Enjoy exquisite dishes at restaurant "Gadalaiki", while watching the lively and green natural scenery behind the wide glass wall.

Restaurant "Gadalaiki" (Seasons) is the restaurant of SPA HOTEL "EZERI", which is located in the primeval nature of Sigulda. The restaurant is very spacious and full of light. The high ceilings and the glass wall create a true sense of freedom! Behind the glass wall you can see the thick forest and the beautiful Ancīšu Pond.

If the weather is warm, after your delicious meal and aromatic herbal tea, harvested in Latvian meadows, you can go for a walk in the well-kept hotel park. The walking paths will take you to bright flowerbeds, ornamental trees and shrubs, and a number of benches, perfect for enjoying the beautiful scenery.

In summertime, you can comfortably settle in the wicker sofas and chairs on the restaurant terrace. The outdoor terrace is covered with a beautiful canopy, so you can enjoy nature even in rainy weather. Listen to the soothing melody of rain, as it nourishes the trees, grass and flowers, and the air takes on a unique scent of freshness. After rain, the surroundings glisten with a myriad of brilliant and colourful raindrops.

Each season the restaurant "Gadalaiki" offers a tailored seasonal menu of refined dishes. Salad with fresh summer berries or main courses with delicious autumn mushrooms will be a true feast for you taste buds!  

About once a month the restaurant hosts gourmet evenings, each devoted to the traditional cuisine of one country. It is an exciting event, where you can get to know the best dishes and drinks from different countries and enjoy the restaurant’s exceptional atmosphere.

The dishes are expertly prepared by chefs, who will willingly reveal the secrets and subtle nuances that guarantee their authentic taste. Gourmet evenings are a unique opportunity to enjoy the treasures of French, Mexican, Uzbek, Georgian and other cuisines!




  • Latvian cuisine and European food. Thematic evenings with traditional dishes and drinks from various cuisines around the world

Type of payment

  • Cash
  • Payment card

For your convenience at the restaurant

  • Free parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Children's playground by the hotel
  • Children's corner indoors
  • High chairs for children
  • Children’s menu
  • Outdoor summer terrace
  • Smoking tables on the outdoor terrace
  • Table reservation
  • Takeaway
  • Accessible to people with disabilities

Service languages

  • Latvian
  • Russian
  • English

Other information

  • Gourmet evenings require prior booking and table reservation
  • Gourmet evenings are not held in the summer season

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