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MTB Sigulda marathon

Today it is one of the largest series of MTB marathons in Europe with about 1800 – 2300 riders participating in each stage. The race takes place from late April to early October in 7 stages, in different Latvian towns. Participants have opportunity to choose among 4 distances in a rugged terrain (forest tracks, meadow paths, water obstacles) in the most picturesque regions of Latvia:

Marathon distance – 55 – 70 km,

Half marathon distance – 35 – 45 km,

Health distance (no time calculating) – 25 – 30 km,

Children distances (from 500 m – 5 km).

Each stage has its own winners, based on individual and team scores, in different age and gender groups. The race welcomes both experienced athletes and beginners. They all must have an MTB bike, helmet, courage and determination to complete the distance they have chosen. To participate in the longest marathon distance, riders must have a licence issued by the cycling federation of their country.

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