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Celebration of the Latvia's Victory Day in Cēsis

In honor of the heroism of Latvia's freedom fighters and Latvia's Victory Day, the 101st anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis, several exploratory events will take place on June 22.

The day of the celebration will begin with the traditional laying of flowers at the memorial sites and monuments of the Battle of Cēsis. The most significant event of the day will be the discussion of historians who will discuss the twists and turns of history at that time, the strategic interests of foreign forces in Latvia, the role of Latvian armed forces units, the political situation and other topics. The live broadcast of the discussion will be broadcast on the website of Latvian Public Media (www.lsm.lv) and Cēsis Municipality and on social network accounts.

From June 17, every citizen of Latvia is invited to visit the photo and audio exhibition in the urban environment of Cēsis “Stories about heroism. Cēsis battles 101”. In the most important places of the city related to the historical events, large-format photographs will be displayed, which will be supplemented by stories about the most important events of the Battle of Cēsis, about the memories, feelings and hopes of the Cēsis citizens of that time.

From June 17, at the Cēsis Museum of History and Art, families of 2-4 people are invited to take part in an exciting adventure - a break-out game, where, moving and trying to get out of the German general's office, you will experience how it was to be a soldier as a student of Cēsis Regiment. The game will be available to interested parties upon prior application.

The celebration of the 101st anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis is being implemented with the support of the target program "Latvia - 100" of the State Cultural Capital Fund.

101 years ago, the existence of the Latvian state was won during the War of Independence. The turning point during the war took place on the front line of the Northern Latvia, where on June 22 Latvian and Estonian troops defeated the Landeswehr army near Cēsis and went on to Rīga.

Latvian Victory Day, the 101st anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis, will focus on heroism and human stories.

Cēsis was founded in 1206, it is the third oldest city in Latvia and the birthplace of the Latvian flag.


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