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Hiking with taste: Cēsis

We are most proud to offer our favorite route through Cesis. During the tour we will get acquainted with the mighty history of Cēsis, look at the considerable buildings and objects, and most importantly - we will visit entrepreneurs who are active and develop business in Cēsis.

We are extremely happy to live in Cesis - such a historic city!

During the tour you will learn stories about different places in Cēsis, visit the cozy bakery "Cēsu maize" and taste organic bread. We will also visit the local producer "Good roots" and learn the basic principles of healthy diet and lifestyle, taste smoothies. 

In the eco shop "Ķimene" we will have the opportunity to taste and buy local products. Kaspars, "Black Swan" coffee enthusiast, will share the story of his company and will offer you a delicious and invigorating coffee drink. We will also visit the Trimpus brewery, where we will enjoy their brewed beer, conifer cola and other benefits. You guess right - this will be an adventure for all your taste buds.

Route length: 3km

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