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Vecpiebalgas manor

Vecpiebalgas manor is a magnificent classical building surrounded by a regular park with many types of exotic trees and shrubs. It was used as a prototype in a famous Latvian novel the Times of Land Surveyors (“Mērnieku laiki”) published in 1879.

The Vecpiebalgas manor complex is situated at the shortest river in Latvia – Arisa. The Vecpiebalgas manor house was built in 1688 and belonged to the Swedish Government. After the Great Northern War, Peter I presented the manor to Boris Sheremetev /Boriss Šeremetjevs/ who built the residential house in its current form in about 1784-1786. The classical building of the Vecpiebalgas manor served as a prototype for the Slātavas manor in the famous novel the Times of Land Surveyor (“Mērnieku laiki”) written by Reinis and Matīss Kaudzītes (Reiņis un Matīss Kaudzītes).

A 4.2 ha regular park is situated near the manor house. There are 43 types of trees and shrubs, including 22 exotic. The park is enclosed within a boulder fence. 

The manor is observable from the outside

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