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Ziedlejas bath house

Pirts (Latvian nature spa and sauna tradition) for us, northern countries, is very special. It is not only swishing of brooms, made from local plants.

In Latvian tradition pirts is source of energy, purification and sacral power. It is sacred place on its own. The ritual, which contains from consecutive and thoughtful actions, is intended to bring cleanness to body and spirit. We have constructed distinctive pirts – our nature spa and bathing house – going together with actual tendencies in contemporary architecture. So important, as to build and design very place, is to find exceptionally talented, creatively driven and recognized masters – and that is why our greatest pride is our nature spa masters.

Glass Pirts

  • For lovers of comfort and design
  • Wide glass panes add space and light
  • Comfortable space to unwind inside and on the outside terrace
  • Suitable for families with children
  • Next to a large pond with a small pier for swimming

Smoke or Black Pirts

  • An authentic experience of ancient traditions
  • More intimate, mystical
  • Quiet surroundings and close proximity to untouched nature
  • Located under a grey fir tree and next to a spring
  • Suited for healing and in-depth Pirts rituals/sessions

Woollen Pirts

  • Unique design and spiral approach
  • Wool material offers the healing effects of lanolin
  • Spacious circular Pirts area
  • Calm, meditative warming experience
  • Outside tub for cooling off
  • Rest in the netting among the trees

Our Glass Rooms are the place for you to relax and take the time to enjoy the natural surroundings in our comfortable, carefully designed rooms. Whether you are on a quick break from the city rush, or feeling euphoric after a Pirts ritual, the Glass Rooms will help you unwind. Meadow flowers, wind in the trees, and birdsong during the day, and the quiet ambience of the countryside, star scapes and the eternity of the Universe at night, will make for a special stay. Meadow flowers, wind among the trees and birdsong during the day, followed by the quiet ambience of the countryside, star scapes and the eternity of the Universe at night will make for a special stay.

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