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Laser Tag Game in Sigulda

How to get an active and interesting holidays. Welcome to the ativity and entertainment center Here you can the unforgettable experience from Lasertag game​, striking charge of adrenaline at the action-quest Bunker​.​ Complete immersion in the Ancient Greece atmosphere of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur​, as well as an unusual bright holiday or a cool picnic organized by the Poligon-1 team!

LASER TAG — it is cool!

Often in your life you want more adrenaline and new emotions. The best helper in this situation can become the game Lasertag - a sport of new generation and a very exciting game. So what is it, and why for many people it has become a new fad?

LASER TAG (from English laser tag) or a laser battle - it's a military-sports team game that takes place in real time and space.

Goal of the game - to win according to the selected scenario. Defeat opponents made safe by infrared rays. When injected into a vest with sensors or headband, registration of player injuries occur. All the defeats and victories are recorded by an electronic device, and at the end of the game the winning team and the best shooter in both teams is determined.

(image. TAGER - weapon case with built-in electronics; HEADBAND - with sensors that record the hit with light, sound and vibration indication)


Team game

In order to hit as many players of the opposing team as possible, you need to develop the right strategy, organize the interaction within the team, competently distribute tasks and roles. As a result, the team achieves coherence and achieves control over the game situation. And consequently - wins!

Military-sports game of the new generation

The game is a simulation of the military mission, which is spelled out in specific scenarios. You choose the scenario you are interested in the game, weapons, ammunition. During the game, you apply different tactical methods, develop athletic skills, the ability to achieve goals.

Real space and time

Games are held at any time of the year, and the space - it's a forest, a park or a specially equipped area. The game is ideal for corporate events, birthdays and just active leisure with friends in nature.


—You do not feel any pain.

—Exceptional protection for human health, since the infrared pulse is harmless.

—There are no age restrictions. LASER TAG - sport and leisure for everyone!

—Wide choice of the arena, and the game scenario.

—LASER TAG - the most honest sports game. The fact of hitting is recorded electronically, which can not be "cheated".

—Order your laser tag game at "Poligon-1" and get your adrenaline rush!

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