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Līgatne Nature Trails

Līgatne nature trails will reveal many wildlife species typical to Latvia.

Large areas of fencing have been established on the banks of the primeval valley of River Gauja and its tributaries, where the conditions are similar to those in wildlife. Here one can see the wild animals of Latvia – stags, roe deer, wild boar, bears, foxes, lynx, and two species of birds. There is a dense network of hiking trails and a paved cycling route, which is transformed into a cross-country skiing track in winter. At the beginning of trails there is a modern visitor centre, where one can buy maps, find out relevant information, buy tea or coffee, sweets, or souvenirs. Līgatne nature trails is the best example of such type in the Baltic States to watch local wild animals.

On the large pasture-ground, where the conditions are similar to those in wildlife, there are stags, elks, roe deer, wild boar, bears, foxes, racoon dogs, lynx, martens, hares, hedgehogs, squirrels, eagle-owls, and various species of owls. Līgatne nature trails will also reveal various wildlife animals and birds living in the nearby forest.

The signposted hiking trail is approximately 4 km long. The walk and observing of animals might take approximately 2.5 hours. You will need convenient and appropriate footwear and clothes.

At mid-distance there is a viewing tower, which is 24 m high. From the tower you will get a view over the Gauja National Park, the Gūdu cliffs, and the river Gauja, and at clear weather you might spot the reddish Turaida castle.

We would like to inform the visitors that the Līgatne nature trail observation tower is temporarily closed due to damage!

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