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Piebalga is a cultural and historical district in the central part of Vidzeme. Today, Vecpiebalga and Jaunpiebalga are located in its territory.
The area around Piebalga is known in Latvia for its rich cultural history and traditions, natural values and beautiful landscapes. Many personalities important to Latvian culture and society have come from Piebalga - writers, musicians, athletes, scientists and social workers, who have carried the name of the region far beyond the borders of Latvia.
Green hills, lakes and water lilies, Gauja, which begins its course near us, natural, historical and cultural monuments, as well as the stubbornness and endurance of the inhabitants, the light of spirit and the sharpness of mind characterize our region even today.
In Piebalga there are many valuable and unique cultural and historical objects, which are important for the development of cultural tourism - churches, mounds, archaeological objects, museums, manors, as well as a rich and unique intangible cultural heritage.

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