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19th century influencer Eduard Veidenbaum

We invite you to join an exciting and rich in literary heritage virtual tour at the Eduards Veidenbaum Memorial Museum "Kalāči".

Eduard Veidenbaum is an influencer of different generations, which has affected other poets and artists, as well as society as a whole. Although Veidenbaum lived only 24 years, his sharply ironic and revolutionary poems have become an integral part of Latvian literature and he has not been forgotten in the 21st century. Generations are changing, but his poetry vision and ideas remain relevant and engaging, especially among young people.

What can a person do in 24 years? How to become an influencer in the 19th century and get your poetry to spread in handwriting, transcribing and passing from hand to hand, reaching the present day?
During the virtual tour we will present the opportunity to compare with Eduard, save a poem, watch the peculiarity of the poet's handwriting and feel the special atmosphere of "Kalāči".
When visiting the museum, it is possible to see objects that belonged to Veidenbaum. There is a real black sauna in the pond, as well as a picnic place, where after the tour it is nice to sit by the fire, rest your feet and eat the sandwiches you bring.
Address: “Kalāči”, Liepas parish, Priekuli district, LV-4128
Phone: +371 25601677
E-mail: kalacu.muzejs@priekulunovads.lv

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