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Guided Hiking "Royal Beaver of Birini Castle"

Enjoy Bebruary in Gauja National Park! Take a hike along the Birini castle park and forest trails and see where the beaver of the castle was living. This will be a guided hiking tour with Solvita Muižniece, the owner of the castle.
WHEN? Sunday, February 23rd.
WHERE? Meeting at Birini Castle 12:00.

- a visit to the Bīriņi castle stable (home to the white horse Pepija and the loving rabbits), the restored water tower, the castle tombs and war trenches,

- a visit to the most beautiful places in the Castle Park, including a lovers' island, a gazebo and a grand oak,

- Beaver old fields of action,

- Meet the hunter Eddie Beaver (you will be able to catch up!)

- Broth and hot dogs in the Small Vaulted Hall of the restaurant.

Apply to info@entergauja.com with the number of participants and subscriber, as well as contact phone number.
Participation fee: 10 EUR per person.
Hiking length: circle ~ 3 km, duration ~ 2 hours, return to starting point ~ 14:00.
The event is suitable for everyone. Preschoolers can also participate, but parents must assess their own ability to overcome it. Participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adults.
Apply in time, limited number of members!

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