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20 May - 21 May
Rafting Festival - 25th anniversary in honor of craft skills
Imagine - the Gauja is full of logs about six and four meters long, which, so close to each other, form such a dense layer that the water is almost invisible! And they are masterfully driven by raftsmen, who have taken their places on the 70-80 meter long tail raft. This view was common until the end of the 1960s, when the Gauja was a waterway for transporting timber. Today, the skills of raft crafts have been purposefully passed on to future generations, and in 2021 Latvia applied them to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. On May 21, everyone is invited to the Rafters Festival in Strenči, where the skills of rafters will be honored for the 25th time.
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10 Jun
Michael Kiwanuka will perform at Sigulda Castle Ruins Stage in June
On 10 June, British musician Michael Kiwanuka will perform at the Sigulda Castle Ruins Stage with his supporting band and heart-warming songs, creating only positive emotions for the public. The guitar virtuoso will present his latest album “Kiwanuka” in Sigulda, which was named after the artist, highlighting his identity. The album deftly discusses sensitive issues such as racial identity, violence, mistrust and doubt.
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22 Jun
“Placebo” will kick off an ambitious concert season in Sigulda in June
An ambitious summer concert season will return to Sigulda on 22 June with a performance by British alternative rock stars “Placebo”. “Placebo” will be performing at the impressive Sigulda Castle Ruins as part of the tour for their eighth album, and it’s worth repeating that their Riga show 6 years ago was a well-attended success.
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24 Aug
British musician James Arthur to perform at the Sigulda Castle Ruins Stage in August
On 24 August, British musician James Arthur will perform his popular hits “Impossible”, “Naked”, “Say You Won’t Let Go”, as well as a number of other hits in a brand-new concert programme at the Sigulda Castle Ruins Stage.
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